Marketing Measurement Toolkit

Working with the leading provider in the marketing measurement software sector

  1. Coaching clients in the use and application of marketing measurement resourcesMan with Piece of Money Pie
  2. Supporting the identification of key questions in the business that marketing measurement tools can answer
  3. Helping to identify the data or data substitutes that can be used (most/all of them at no extra cost to the user, i.e. using readily available data)
  4. Defining the business process into which marketing measurement fits
  5. Defining the types of value that a measurement approach brings
  6. Defining the best versus the good in the approach and workload, i.e. the 80/20 of what can be done most practically
  7. Defining KPIs
  8. Talking to stakeholders to identify perception of effectiveness and requirements for outputs relating to marketing measurement
  9. Identifying how the outputs interface with the company structure and performance metrics, and Plate With The Word "Profit"how this related to the KPIs and the depth and breadth of brands that will be analysed and reported on
  10. Initiating the process using the most likely brands and variance on which to yield high-value learnings
  11. Aligning the  measurement approach with the key questions so as to derive actionable answers
  12. Compiling learnings both directly answering key questions, as well as providing actionable insights and implications that emerge from the work
  13. Discussing initial findings with stakeholders at various levels and in various functions and departments, so as to start to generate value, reality check the findings and hear input for further exploration
  14. Add a broader base of business to the study
  15. Write-up the storyline and how it relates to the current business in terms of validations of current initiatives
  16. Write-up the implementation process for applying learnings

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