Marketing Strategy

Planting Money

Key deliverables:

1. Current state 1. SWOT
2. Revenue and Margin splits by channel3. Key markets, change yr. on yr.

4. Recent actions

2. Sources of innovation and growth 1. Vision for the business2. Aims and objectives for the mid and long term ->   Impact on the business3. Assets and leverage

4. Un-reaped opportunities

3. Key components of the marketing plan 1. Brand essence and attributes2. Product range and forms3. Target audience: who, where, why, when, how often

4. Retailer channels, pricing, margin

5. Communications strategy and plan: content and contact method

4. Strategy and Plan of action 1. Current state – future state – steps in   between; options for the future2. Digital strategy3. Financials4. Actions, timeframe, who by

5. Attachments: News calendar, activity calendar, other


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