Tools for Marketing decision-making

For general Marketing:Businessmen With Money and Surveyor

  • Budget allocation across brands in a portfolio
  • Forecast of launch business plan
  • Integration of multiple data points and qualitative research source into one defined approach for supporting decision making
  • Competitive insights into the category
  • Dashboard for brand health and evolution

For Media planning & buying:

  • Media deal delivery reconciliations
  • Media negotiations management and optimisation toolBusinesspeople on Charts in File Folder
  • Multi-national media value position versus relevant comparison points
  • Multi-media plan effectiveness assessment and optimisation
  • Integrated planning across above-the-line and below-the-line platforms including social media
  • Reach and Frequency plan estimation and optimisation
  • Sequencing optimisation of Ad messages over time
  • Internal company objective setting and comparison vs actual
  • Linking media performance to internal bonus metrics and team incentives


  • Outcome focussed: assessing what is intending, then creating additional value by optimising it
  • Expert in media and marketing effectiveness and tool development
  • Develop tools with the budget-holder’s interest at the heart

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